Our intention is always the same...to create wonderful memorable events with fantastic, expressive, and delicious food. Our beliefs are far more complicated and dynamic. Beliefs are relative to our life experiences and beliefs may change as we meet new people, as we have new conversations, and as we learn and grow. At the core of it all, we believe in honesty, conversation, humility, and the absence of arrogance. We believe that we are only as good as the conversations we engage and we can only learn when we are willing to listen. We believe that every day is unique and presents a new lesson. We believe that the lessons of yesterday are only meant to strengthen us for the adversities of tomorrow. We can only grow when we are willing to truly listen, to hear opinions different than our own, and be willing to make changes for others. We do our very best to follow these beliefs and to accept new ones. It is discipline and it is work. It is not always easy but it does allow us to fulfill the main intention of creating wonderful memorable events.


There is nothing more powerful than the team. Individuals may have certain skillsets and strengths, but without a team, without a family of support, we are limited. We have many different roles. We are cooks. We are dishwashers. We are chefs. We are prep cooks. We are servers. We are bartenders. We are planners and designers. We are listeners. We are artists. We are friends. We are a group of powerful individuals who work together as a team. Most importantly, we are willing to give more of our ourselves than we receive in return. We are humble, we are disciplined, and we are here for you.